15 Important Tips for Your Facebook Playbook

Here are 15 tips to help you survive the everyday hustle in Facebook Marketing. ⁣
1. Complete the profile info page.⁣
2. Check Insights regularly.⁣
3. Never buy bot accounts or bulk likes.⁣
4. Focus on reach and engagements, not likes.⁣
5. Pin high performing post.⁣
6. Don’t be too sales-y.⁣
7. Always reply to messages and even comments.⁣
8. Moderate and diffuse negative comments.⁣
9. Keep posts short.⁣
10. Post regularly but don’t overdo it.⁣
11. Be human and relatable.⁣
12. Qualify if the post is helpful or relevant for the fans.⁣
13. Know the latest post dimension requirements.⁣
14. Know the latest platform updates.⁣
15. Be visual.⁣
Did we miss anything? 2 cups of coffee..? 😄😄😄
Remember, this is relevant to those with Facebook business page accounts. If you’re using your personal account for Marketing your business it’s time to rethink your strategy.⁣

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