6 Marketing Tactics to Increase Customer Reach

Use these 6 marketing tactics proven to increase the customer reach of your real estate business.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and to get them interested in your services you have to be visible.

To do this, you need effective marketing tactics that will help you increase your customer reach and keep track of them.

1) Use email marketing.

We can’t overlook the tremendous tactical advantage and benefits email marketing can bring to you.

Use your existing and former customer database and keep in touch with them via regular e-mails.

These emails should provide relevant information about yourself and your industry like tips, news, trends, and promotions.

You can also add stories and humour to make it nice & personal.

To do so, you can take advantage of the personalization functions that emails can offer compared to social media.

Copywriting is also the key to making an impact and keeping them interested.

Engage your audience and encourage action with call-t0-action buttons that will make the interaction a lot easier.

To avoid email fatigue, remember that you need to strike a balance between sending frequency and content types.

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2) Incorporate offline methods.

As much as we can’t ignore the benefits of email marketing for marketing tactics, we can’t ignore the impact of traditional methods either.

For example, how do you feel when you see your competitor or another company on billboards around town? It sure get a lot of attention from pedestrians, especially if they pick the right spots.

Alternatively, you can also use a magnetic car banner which you prop against the side doors of your car as you drive around town.

You can also consider a roll-up banner that is easy to put up and you can advertise your business anywhere.

We cannot ignore flyers, postcards, door hangers and brochures either. When done correctly, these can generate traffic to your website, social media channels, emails, or phone calls.

3) Create impact with POP marketing.

POP or point-of-purchase marketing is another way to impress your customers with your company and to inspire them to make impulsive inquiries or listings.

Whether you’re at an open house, networking event, trade shows, or listing presentation, POP materials become crowd magnets and customer must-haves.

When well-designed, well-written, fashionable and relevant marketing materials are so good, it become shareable and keepsakes.

Also, putting these into kits can lead to more interactions as they can prompt more questions and conversation.

4) Host customer events.

Hosting events that may be relevant or exciting to your customers is another way to increase the reach of your business or brand.

Online or physical, you can do anything to motivate or keep your audience and customers engaged.

You can do the following:

  • Host online webinars to educate your clients on the state of the real estate industry.
  • Offer a Q&A session.
  • Behind-the-scenes business tour.
  • Video about the quality of your customer service.
  • Give lessons on how to fill out forms.

You can also sponsor and organize physical events such as picnics, sports, and movies that they can bring their family and friends to.

There are so many interesting options.

5) Implement SEO targeting.

After you’ve done your market research, identified your niche, and familiarized yourself with your audience’s lifestyle and online behaviour, you should be aware that they frequent the internet.

With that in mind, create your marketing strategy that will help you reach your desired audience at the right time and place when they are online.

Your website can be optimized for search engines. You can start with regular blog posts and keywords.

Search engine business ads that pop up on various corners of browsers can go a long way in increasing your customer reach.

You can also use companies like Adwerx to get more pop up banners on more websites and specific locations you want to target.

Once you discover that something is not working well, you can use the various metrics on these platforms to refine your tactics.

6) Find a valuable business partner.

Another helpful way to increase the reach of your customers is by having a win-win business partnership.

You can exchange referrals to your respective customers and contacts which can expand your database and reach.

Just make sure you get the right partner to add to your business’ push forward.

Final thoughts.

These 6 actionable real estate marketing tactics are sure to help you increase your reach sooner, thereby attracting more audiences and customers to your business, and making this your most important short-term quick win and long-term goal.

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