Design Ideas for Real Estate Marketing – Part 1

Hi friends! It’s the long weekend and this is how I chill… design.

Inspired by the bright and spritely vibes of Spring and Easter, I’m sharing with you these real estate marketing design ideas.

(Industry was randomly selected.  Let me know which industry you are on and I will feature that in the next posts.)

I’m featuring flyers and feature sheet covers here as realtors are pretty heavy on these items to market properties. These are great for either print or social media posting.

real estate design 1

I was musing on ultra-modern residences in these marketing design pieces. Such upscale properties are so delightful for marketers like me.

I just love the architecture and interior design – clean lines with bright & airy spaces and bedazzling modern features.

As I worked on these bold minimalist layout concepts, I was rendering a sophisticated look to it without taking out the “fun” elements.

real estate design 2

I used just one accent photo, few words, and font combination selections.

Plus, complementing the polished and sleek lines of these upscale ultra-modern dwellings, it may look like I was inspired by Marie Kondo.

These design ideas are flexible for whatever price range the property may be on.

It can make a less pricey real estate look expensive and a more pricey property look more impressive. That’s just my take.


real estate design 4

On a side note. If you think these were done in minutes, well, it’s never the case in the design process.

Also, it’s not as easy as you may think. I had to study it from a consumer’s point of view and the realtor’s brand perspective.

Anyhow, I had a great time doing these real estate marketing design pieces.

I hope you enjoyed these real estate marketing designs.

Until next time. More design posts coming to inspire the marketer in you regardless of your career. 😊

✨ Nina

*** Disclaimer: Content and photos are fictional and for mock-up and sample purposes only. ***

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