4 Ways to Advance Your Website Traffic

Aside from building a beautiful website you need to get the word out that you exist and make sure that you can reach as many people and the right customers as possible. Thus, you need to play your SEO right.

Likewise, as we all know that the internet or search engines like Google have been the go-to for consumers to find, research, and shop for products and services. Thus, if your website does not rank well in the search results, it only means that your competitors are doing better than you.

We do not discount the fact that the search engine algorithms and other digital marketing factors can impact your visibility. That is why due diligence in optimizing your website is critical to keep it relevant and crawl-worthy.

Here are 4 things you can today or this week to refine your website and improve search engine visibility, rank better in local SEO’s, and get more traffic in your website or physical store.

1. Update your website content. One of the key criteria for search engines like Google to prioritize your site and rank higher is fresh content. So, update your website with new blog posts or pages for example so you can shine better.
2. Check your Google Search Console. These are tools that can help you optimize your appearance in search results and increase organic traffic in your website. It provides tons of reports and fix-ups for your site’s performance and its free! Here’s a training video in case you need a refresher > Intro to Google Search Console
3. Diagnose your keywords. Check the status and Quality Score of your keywords to see whether those are showing in ads. Stay on top of the keyword trends to make sure your content remains fresh and rank better in search. Via Google Ads’ tool, you can find keywords that are most relevant for your business.
4. Review your site’s UX (user’s experience) design. The easier it is for your customers to navigate and understand your website, the higher it may rank in search results. You can start by looking if the menus and categories are organized well, internal links, pages, and content are well placed.
While website builders can help automate some of the SEO mechanics, you still need to regularly update your website content and monitor the keywords. So, make it a weekly or monthly habit to do these activities. Although substantial results will not come instantly, think of it as planting seeds. It’s just a matter of time for you to have improved search results and ranking.

By the way, is your website mobile friendly and secure? Otherwise, all your efforts for optimization will be useless because non-mobile phone friendly and “unsafe” websites are instantly pulled down the ranks by Google.

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